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Woodland Hills Therapy 

A Psychotherapist You Can Relate To.  

I am really, truly, glad you are here.  
Nothing takes more courage than reaching out towards
another human being.

How I Can Help

My goal is to understand YOU, in a way that no one has probably ever done before.  Whether you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, a relationship issue or anything else that life may have thrown your way, sometimes it can be a challenge to just get through every day. 

Suffering, however, does not need to be your story.  I have been there, and if I can find my way through, so can you.  There is no shame in learning how to get help.  I will show up for you and guide you in an honest and empathetic manner, so you can achieve a joyfulness from life that is your right to experience.

Once we understand what motivates you, excites you, drives you and inspires you, we can work together to shine that inner beauty of yours outwards.  Don’t make the world wait another day to meet the amazing person that I know you are.  

Services You Can Relate To

I am a licensed professional here to guide you.

My doctorate has provided me ample training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and I provide depth-oriented treatment. This means I will subtly guide you into discovering parts about yourself you may never have been in touch with. I also practice Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, which is a way of releasing trauma by working through impulses in your body. This is really helpful if you experienced trauma that you cannot talk about or cannot access. My goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable, and we will use a combination of these techniques to ensure that you do.

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Feel Safe Again


Understanding Trauma


Learn To Manage The Unmanageable



Come Back Together



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder treatment for adults and children

You really can let go of the rituals

Contact Me

I love helping my clients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. It may feel uncomfortable but that's ok.  Change happens when you allow yourself to feel that discomfort.  You are here taking that step, and I am here to be with you.

21208 Constanso Street
Suite 4
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 920-8106

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