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Trauma, Couples, Anxiety Therapy in Calabasas, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Tarzana and Encino

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Trauma, Anxiety, Individual and couples therapy at Woodland Hills therapy


Location adjacent to Calabasas, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Tarzana and Encino


The best thing about therapy is that it provides you with the opportunity to observe and challenge your thoughts, and create a deeper understanding of the meaning you attribute to those thoughts.  

Dr. Jennifer Dean, who holds a doctorate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, will guide you while working either one-on-one or with your partner, to illuminate patterns of behavior and teach you strategies to actively make change. When you make these conscious changes in your individual life or within your relationship, you will notice how these subtle actions affect the quality of your connections. Self-esteem grows, frustration is reduced, and an overall sense of calm and joy becomes much more attainable.


Our therapy work will consist of examining past relationships, addressing trauma and your adaptations to it, and working with the reactions that arise in your body and in your thoughts. We will address grief, addictions, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression and anything else that is getting in the way of your highest level of functioning. My clients find that our sessions are something they look forward to, because they can finally focus on the subconscious messages that may have been getting in their way.

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